About Us

Triadic Info Solutions is a technology company based out of India, that build products for businesses through video enabled solutions. Backed by founding members who have 10+ years industry experience in building custom solutions through both hardware and software video conferences products.

We deeply understand the business pain points of different stakeholders which enable us to build customized solutions that not only transform your business but also improve your customer experience. Our products; VConnect is an enterprise product that helps organization to connect with anybody anytime and build a highly collaborative environment. QuickCare is a healthcare product that help health institutions to interact with the both out-patients and in-patients in a way that will improve overall health outcome. SmartBuy is a retail product that help the brands to reach out to new markets without the need to establish physical stores. It helps the brands to provide real life like experience to their customers who are virtually present by providing a high defined e-commerce experience.

With our strong focus on R& D, we are constantly improvising the product so as to cater to ever growing business complexities in order to make business processes smarter, effective and efficient.

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