Bring life like experience

Digitize your brand and reach out to prospects in new markets without having to establish physical stores. Crystal clear high quality audio and video provides a life like experience to customers thereby humanizing the brand through digital.

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Real time Collaboration


  • Integrates well with your existing website/app
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Compatible with legacy hardware cameras
  • Seamless at low bandwidth of 150kbps

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  • Video commerce at low bandwidth: Seamless HD video experience at a bandwidth as low as 150kbps providing life like shopping experience to the customers.
  • Reach new markets: Digitize your brand through SmartBuy that will enable you to tap prospects in new markets without the need to have a physical presence.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway: Enables customers to complete the purchase cycle with integrated payment options.
  • CRM integration: Integrates with the CRM applications; thereby enabling brands to create value based touch points in lead nurturing.
  • Analytics: Customer insights and buying behaviour enables brands to make smarter business decisions.

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A perfect v-commerce solution to bring life like experience to customers.